Female Marriage Proposal for Urdu Speak in USA

Female Marriage Proposal for Urdu Speak in USA

Female Marriage Proposal for Urdu Speaking  in USA

About Of Candidate:

Urdu speaking, Doctor, muslim, Mature in thinking and Muhaz-zib and ambitious in career growth. Born and raised in USA.

Basic Introduction

Name Of Candidate: Huma

Gender Of Candidate: Female

Marital History: Never Married

Age Of Candidate: 30 Years

Height Of Candidate: 5 feet & 4 inches

Physical Outlook: Slim

Skin Tone: Very fair

Religious Beliefs: Muslim (Sunni)

Caste: Urdu Speaking - Muhajir

Mother tongue: Urdu


Country/Region: United States

Other nationality: None

Profession/Occupation: Not working

Living Standard: Mid Level

Job/Rank/position: Not working

Education/Qualifications: Doctorate In Medical


Age Of Applicant: 35 - 28

Marital History: Never Married

Height Of Applicant: 5 feet 10 inch

City/Town: Karachi

Living Standard: Mid Level

Education: Doctorate

Profession/Occupation: Private Firm

Native Preference: Urdu Speaking,

Other Requirements: Searching for doctor who can understand religion and balance life easily


Email: hamya.adeel@gmail.com

Phone: 4084295889

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