How to start your own online business?

How to start your own online business?

How to start your own online business?

Electronic commerce or the electronic business has been around for a long time in the world and in the future shops and markets, everything will go digital. Something that started working on e-commerce in Pakistan in 2000 and export-related and some other companies have shifted their business to the internet but there is still a lot of difference between the modern world and the local market. E-commerce is not far away in our trading centers, and business is still happening here today.

In some places, there are also attempts to modernize the business, but the 'hardware' has been purchased enough, but we are still far from digitalizing the business. Does decorating a business with IT mean buying a few computers, composing / emailing, creating a company half page on social media or setting up a simple website?

Digitalizing the business reduces the 'option cost' of the company but thus the company is not benefiting from IT, the upside is spending millions of rupees annually on maintenance / salaries.

There are a number of reasons for not following modern trends correctly. Unfortunately for the majority of business owners, the trend for business development, meeting experts, bookshops, workshops and seminars is very low. If asked why not attend the seminar, then the answer is that there is no time to do it.

But political / religious events, fashion shows, movies, stage plays are seen every week. Almost 90% of business owners turn on the TV in their office. Most preferred topics are current affairs, foreign relations, global conspiracies rather than business development.

Potential risk warning

If you are already associated with a business (goods / services). And if you are still running your business in an ancient and traditional way, then in the future you may face difficulties as you now face technology with your traditional competitors.
The time has passed when people used to come to the market and shop and the one who had a good and big shop in the market was always successful. Established since 1905, the "ancient shop", the "real shop" is no longer familiar with these things. Everything is changing fast.

Online shopping is growing fast in Pakistan. In the early years, online shopping was far from accessible to most people as the only means of payment was credit cards, which is not available to most people today. But for a while now Pakistani websites have introduced cash payment and delivery options through mobile phone companies, making online shopping no longer difficult.

With e-commerce, consumers can view and buy their favorite products without wasting time and compare the price, quantity, ingredient composition of different products sitting in their place, which may not be possible in the traditional market. So if you don't integrate your product with e-commerce, someone else will do it.

The meaning and benefits of e-commerce

If you are already doing business or want to start a new business, you must find out about e-commerce. Following the basics of e-commerce will make it easier for you to decide whether you want to move in that direction or not.

E-commerce Urdu means electronic commerce, in simple terms the purchase and sale of goods or services through an online website is called e-commerce. This concept has become increasingly common worldwide with numerous benefits.

How to start your own online business?

Businessman savings

You have to reduce costs for space, staff, supervision, rent, etc. For example, you can reduce the size of your cell point / showroom. No need to store large quantities of items. Items can be purchased by order. Organizing a business gives you the right information, which makes your decision-making easier, and not only reduces the option cost, but also increases profits.

You can reconnect with your customers. Automatically send them e-mails, sms, as well as your website operates an open showroom at all times, which you can place ads on your other items / services, such as Dawn. Dawn's own TV shows appear on this TV website. Plus e-commerce gets rid of all kinds of 'human mistakes'.

It is not possible for everyone to get a front shop or "spot of opportunity", but it is possible to increase the number of customers without changing your location.

Consumer savings

Consumers save time and energy. Sometimes this source is even cheaper. For example, if a student lives in a small town, and needs a book, many times the cost of the book is worth the trip.

By the time the product reaches the consumer, there are plenty of middlemen, whose profits are paid by the customer as well, which increases the cost of the goods / services, while the "manufacturer" thanks to e-commerce. Is contacted directly by the "user".

How to Start E-Commerce?

If you want to step into the e-commerce line in Pakistan then you need these basic things.

E-commerce Website
System Preparation
Advertising campaign

E-commerce Website

The first thing you need is an 'e-commerce website' on which you can offer your goods / services. If you want to do serious business then my opinion is to start with your own domain name and not From a page on social media. You can build an "e-commerce website" from a specialist person or company, or even learn website design, which is not a very difficult task, but it is an interesting activity. Especially if you are young and you have less money and time to invest, then my advice to you is to learn "Website Designing". (You can read our previous article for this one, which will be very useful for you.)

System Preparation

Starting e-commerce requires more work, but later work gets easier. Easy to operate, and to improve and manage the service you need a system that you have to adapt to your needs.

In the traditional business, the customer comes to the shop, pays and takes the goods. But here the customer only places the order on your website. It is your responsibility to receive the order, pack the goods, deliver to the customer's home and receive the money.

Don't worry, e-commerce is now easier than ever. All issues are now resolved in a "ready-made" way.

Who will pay the responsibility, who will set the goods on the shop / showroom: Website.

Who will do the salesman job: Website.

Who will note the order: Website.

Who will receive the money: Courier or your bank

Packing and courier contact obligation as per order: yourself or any of your employees

Who will deliver the goods to the customer's home: Courier

How to start your own online business?

Money Transaction: The consumer can use his credit card to pay for goods or services. Many foreign companies provide support in this regard. All banks in Pakistan have 'Interbank Funds Transfer' facility, which means that the user can send money from your bank's website to your account at home. In addition, there are services of all mobile phone companies for payment.

But most of the online purchases in Pakistan are in the form of 'COD' (cash on delivery). You don't have to hire any staff, but many courier companies are doing this. Suppose you sell something to a customer from Lahore to Hyderabad, then just pack the customer's order and hand it to the courier company. She will deliver the goods to the customer herself and will ship the goods to you. It has very reasonable costs.

Advertising campaign

After completing the website the most difficult task is to come to the customer. The more serious customers visit your website, the higher your chances of success. How do you get online customer attention now? So sir, don't worry. There is a solution for this too. Many people / companies in the market are available to manage your online advertising campaign at a very reasonable fee. In the beginning, you can hire them. Gradually, you can learn these skills yourself.

Google AdWords offers a very delicious solution for online advertising campaigns. In this you can decide what kind of person, region, age, gender, interest holder will see this ad. The results of "Google AdWords" are superb due to their ability to focus. In addition, you can run advertising campaigns on Facebook and other social media for a reasonable fee. That makes your business shine during the day.

It is true that the number of Internet users in Pakistan is low due to government insufficiency, lack of education, or other reasons. But still the number of current Internet users is around 2 million and the future is only going to increase, not decrease. Numerous companies are doing successful business in Pakistan's domestic and international market through internet. So why can't you?


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